DJH Complex Development Competition

XY arquitectos was invited to participate in the restricted competition to design the master planning of a 72.000 m² plot in Quingdao, China. It contains a mixed used program, of hotel and comercial buildings, hosting the developer headquarters, a local real state agency. 

The plot is located in a privileged area in the center of the city, a green lung of natural leisure and a golf course, situated on the western side of a reservoir.

The slope in the plot, up to a great green hill, is solved by a system of staggered platforms and retaining walls. They are interrelated creating a sequence of built spaces and broken voids in order to facilitate the access to them, improving light and ventilation. As the unifying element of the whole, the proposal projects a network of streams and reservoirs making more welcoming the gaps between buildings; it also works as a network of natural sewage purification.