Seminario online: «Harnessing the Saudi Arabian ‘solar powerhouse’ opportunity».

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Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s biggest oil producers, is seeking up to $50bn of investment in solar and wind energy. The Kingdom has recently announced a tender for 700MW of wind and solar energy.

However, following several attempts to establish a stable context for renewable energy development which were promptly backtracked each time, information and transparency are key to success of the program and the players involved in it.

As a member of Extenda, you are invited to participate free of charge of this webinar:

The session delves into the main drivers for solar developers to harness the Saudi solar potential:

  • Hear about the development of the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) to implement 700MW of solar and wind projects – institutional roles and leadership of the program and timelines and milestones of the first round and others to follow
  • Understand the PPA price objectives of the tender in Saudi per technology considering the wider renewable energy context
  • Analyse the particularities of developing projects in Saudi considering the legal, financial and technical framework of the market

Feel free to pass this email onto colleagues who you think may be interested to join the webinar. Spaces are limited, so please reserve your space here today:

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