Refractaris Finalizes Manufacturing and Supply for Cerro Dominador Project

Córdoba, 26/06/2019.- Refractaris finalizes the manufacturing and supply of the SCUTTHERM SYSTEM® LT HW for the solar tower thermal shield of the project CERRO DOMINADOR, in Chile.

Planta Termosolar de Cerro Dominador 2

At the end of June, REFRACTARIS sent the last delivery of the supply of the SCUTTHERM SYSTEM® LT HW to the solar plant CERRO DOMINADOR, the first Latino American thermosolar plant which is located in Atacama Desert.

This means that REFRACTARIS has finalized its labor as supplier and now is going to start its labor as supervisor on site.

It is estimated that the solar tower, which has a capacity of 110 MW and a total height of 250 meters, will be operational at the end of the present year.

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