GTZ-Panamá INVEST 2011 & 2012

proyecto (9)

  • Cliente / Entidad contratante: PROINVEX (Organismo Promoción Panamá) y Ministerio Comercio e Industria Panamá
  • País: España, Japón, Francia, UK
  • Presupuesto: 600.000,00 €
  • Fecha: 01-10-2011 / 31-05-2012

Servicio prestado: Durante la ejecución del proyecto, Opera Global Business se encargó del diseño e implementación de las campañas de promoción para la atracción de inversiones en el país.


Opera Global Business puso en marcha diversas acciones para las campañas de promoción, incluyéndose eventos realizados en Madrid, Tokio, Londres y París.

Qué se consiguió 

Una vez finalizado se analizaron los diversos hitos alcanzados por Opera Global Business en el proyecto:

  • Elaboración de agendas Institucionales para los Ministros
  • Organización logística de los viajes y de los eventos
  • Organización de ruedas de prensa y gestión de medios
  • Realización y difusión de material promocional para la campaña


Panama Invest – GTZ

  • Client name: PROINVEX ( Panamanian Investment and Export Agency) in collaboration with Ministry of Industry and Commerce-MICI and GTZ (Germany)
  • Country: Spain, Japan, France, UK
  • Budget: 600.000,00 €
  • Date: 01-10-2011 / 31-05-2012

Service provided: During the execution of the project, Opera Global Business designed the strategy for attracting investors in Japan.


PROINVEX is the agency for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion of Panama, ascribed to Panama´s Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI) institution that acts as facilitator of the national economic development in Panama.

This agency manages an Integrated Information System One Stop Shop that allows investors to identify tools and technologies clearly from the National Government in order to attract foreign direct investment in Panama.

They provide key information with emphasis on the sectors identified as Movers of Economic Growth in the Strategic Plan of the National Government.
This agency offers a big support to investors who are seeking business opportunities in the Republic of Panama. The agency establishes formal communication links with the public and private sectors in order to identify barriers that could limit or affect the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment.

New offices of PROINVEX PANAMA are been required in the country and abroad to facilitate the attraction of foreign direct investment and the promotion of domestic products exports in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the embassies and consulates .

Coordinate international promotion of domestic products, mainly those Panamanian products with competitive advantage and proven access to international market demand. Also to Identify trends and business opportunities in the agro-export market, which contribute to outline commercial policies regarding the selection of crops and production development of agricultural goods of high added value.

Any other conferred by the Minister of Commerce and Industries.
Due to the Panamanian investment attraction, the GTZ (the German Development Agency) carried out a Presidential Event and Opera was responsible for recruiting local investors, organizing the event and other actions to support the official agenda.


Once finalized, the various milestones reached by Opera Global Business in the project were analyzed:

  • Design the investment strategy in the target country.
  • Management of the presidential investment event with other events.
  • Coordination of the presidential agenda.
  • Monitoring investment attraction activities.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of results.