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Gestamp Energy Solutions belongs to the group Gestamp Biomass, part of ACEK. A global company focused on steel and renewable energy with more than 140 plants distributed worldwide.


Gestamp Biomass is devoted to project development in the fields of thermal energy based on biomass and waste. Gestamp Biomass covers all the aspects of projects with its highly skilled team and specialized subsidiaries: O&M, Boiler Design and supply, EPC, biomass supply.

Gestamp Biomass develops projects internationally and is present in several countries, as an example in USA it owns a 75 MW Biomass Power Plan in New Hampshire. In Portugal it owns Magestop, an O&M company that will operate the Biomass Plants of Fundao and Viseu of 15 MW each, currently under construction.


Garray Biomass Power Plant of 17 MW, located in Spain is owned and operated by Gestamp Group and was built by Gestamp Energy Solutions.


Garray, Soria, Spain


Burgess Bio Power, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA

Gestamp Energy Solutions is specialized in thermal engineering, boiler design and boiler and EPC supply.

It is based in El Puerto de Santamaría, Cadiz, Spain and has a highly qualified team of more than 50 people.

The company has almost 20 years of track record in the delivery of solutions for its clients, ranging from small size plants (ex. 3 MWe) to 40 MWe boilers to retrofits, improvements on existing plants based on CFD studies or proprietary developments such as our new OFA design (over furnace air design).

The company has developed a new modular design called Bioblock as an answer to the industrial demand of CHP generation through the use of industrial waste such as Palm residues/fiver.

The team has a wide experience in non standard fuels and has studied and can design solutions for almost any fuel in the world (from rice husk to olive dry cake to coffee residues, wood chips or urban waste).


Puente Genil Boiler Module Erection


Advanced CFD studies