University Campus UPO Sevilla
SP 420Ha New Residential District Master Plan in San Petersburg
New City Center of Odintsovo Master Plan
P78 Kommunarka New Residential Master Plan
TC 380Ha New Residential District Master Plan in Moscow
Fractal Block Project. Business and Urban Master Plan in Moscow
Messina Master Plan
Urban Design Plan in Balotesti
Master Plan in Bialoleka
Nordhavnen, The New Suistainable City of the Future
Master Plan for the old Bus Station Area
Master Plan for Offices at Cartuja
Master Plan in Santa Barbara

Schéma Directeur d´Aménagement Urbain du Grand Safi
Schéma Directeur d´Aménagement Urbain du Littoral d´El Jadida
Fabrica de Artillería
Strategy for Urban Integration in Port of Seville
Santana Motor Factory, New Economy Urban District
Soland Office Tech Park
Thematic Park Business and Master Plan
Organic Farming Market Place
All Police Station Refurbishment
New Tech Park in Aljaraque
Abandoned Car Manufacturer Factory. Reconecting an entire bay
Old Cement Factory as a Biomass Energy Plant
Sport Facility Business and Master Plan Ciudad Deportiva Huelva
Serenity Paths in the Center of Seville
Marshes of Tablada
New Urban Gate to Natural Park in Poland
Walkaway over the motorway
Biotechnology and biomedical research Center
Senior Citizens Residence in Dos Hermanas
National Health Insurance Office Building
Hospital Center in Sevilla
Hospital Center in Lebrija
Hospital Center in Estepona
Hospital Center in Cazorla
Hospital Center in Aracena
Restoration and Extension Works Hnos Lauhlé Health Care Center
Alhaurín Sports Center and Swimming Pool
Kaohsiung Maritime Culture & Popular Music Center
Football Stadium in Alcalá de Guadaira
General Archive in Mérida
Exposition and Congress Center in Villanueva de la Serena
Swimming Center in Barbate
Swimming Center in Beas de Segura
Swimming Center in Lepe
Garrigues in Sevilla. Lawyers’ firm Offices
Administrative Complex for O.A.M.I. European Institution
Residential Units and Office Building in Sofia
Police Station in Cáceres
Police Station in Mérida
Offices and Business Center in Aljaraque
Office Complex for the Andalusian Regional Government
Office Building Tower in Sevilla
Office Building Correos
Office Building in Sevilla
Refurbishment and Extension of the New Townhall in Fuentes de Andalucía
Offices and Business Center Zaudin
Office Building in Málaga
New Town Hall in Mairena del Aljarafe
New Transportation Interchange Complex, Offices, Hotel and Retail
Office Building Galia Puerto
Galia Office Building in Málaga
Judicial Seat in Antequera
4500 Units P78 Kommunarka new Residential District, Moscow
1000 Residential Units in Sevilla
105 Residential Units in Mairena del Aljarafe
206 Social Housing Units in Sevilla
Senior Citizens Residence in Dos Hermanas
Residential Units and Office Building in Sofia
Residential Complex in Casares
Residential Buildings in Santa Bárbara
Residential Buildings in Ronda
Apartment House and Commercial facilities in Linz
Residential Complex in Willanow
Residential Complex in Puerto Real
84 Residential Units and Commercial areas in Mairena del Aljarafe
Residential Complex in Ronda
108 Social Housing Units in Sevilla
76 Residential Units in Castilleja de Guzmán
48 Social Housing Units in Málaga
Several Housing Refurbishment in Downtown Sevilla
Kindergarten P78 Kommunarka
High School P78 Kommunarka
Building Complex for Loyola University
Primary School in Alcalá del Río
Primary School in Malpartida
Primary School in Talayuela
University Campus UPO Sevilla
Soland LAB Office Tech Park
University Campus in Algeciras
New Porzuna Park
Integration of the Former Route of the Railway
Sport Facility Business and Master Plan Ciudad Deportiva Huelva