Address: Llano La Herra, 26
Town: Fines (Almería)
Postal Code: 04867
Telephone: 950444316
Fax: 950444373

Products: The company has its own quarries which include: Macael white marble, Macael grey marble, Macael yellow travertine, Macael beige travertine, Pearlised and eneus®. Services: Luis Sanchez Marbles has accrued a career of over half a century marked by customer service. Combining the most advanced technology with the care of the traditional methods of obtaining stone. The company extracts, processes and markets a full range of natural stone, marble, limestone, travertine and other stones, not only from the Iberian Peninsula, but also elsewhere. But surely its flagship product is Macael marble . Its textures, colours and quality make them unique compared to other stone, resulting in highly decorative results for any construction environment .