Sobre nosotros / About us

ARQUISURLAURO S.L.P.   is an architectural firm dedicated to projects of Building and Planning and is chartered as a society at the College of Architects of Malaga with No. 575.

Arquisurlauro architects is formed by three partners:

Rafael García Bernal, collegiate COA No. 830 of Malaga. Mobile tel: 626 41 57 65.

Francisco José Mariscal Batanero, collegiate COA No. 948 of Malaga. Mobile tel: 627 05 76 74

Bella Real Valiente, collegiate COA No. 1125 of Malaga. Mobile tel: 636 24 51 17.

Within our staff of professionals and architects, we have Civil engineers, industrial engineers, surveyors, draftsmen, interior designers.

A full team of professionals capable of answering all the needs of your building project or urban planning.